Step into our Creative Digital Portal and we will share the secrets to help you expand your knowledge of this fascinating world.

We focus on harnessing the benefits of current and emerging digital technologies to help you bring your innovative ideas to life, but remain firmly fixed in the existing but practical world where this provides the better solution.

Our extensive knowledge and our close associations and  contacts with foremost technology providers and experts means we can provide solutions when you reach a road block either because you don’t know what is possible or don’t have the resource to achieve it.

Within our portal, as well as access to ourselves, you will find links to our colleagues and associates and details of their specialisations, feel free to browse our community but remember we are here when you need to put it all together 😉

Here you will find links we have found useful  and ways to join us in this community.

FabLab Essex – is a maker space type of organisation franchised by MIT of Boston

Inspire Innovation Institute – is an innovation hub and start-up incubator for the South East of Essex and the Thames Gateway

MouseTrap Alliance Partnerships – are individuals and businesses we have worked with or know very well, some are our previous clients and who we still work with and promote and sell their products.

Networking – join us in our Meetup Groups and social media, or sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of new opportunities we are exploring :

Makerspace Essex

Hackspace Essex

Senior Fablab

STAN – Science Technology and Nature

News and Views

MouseTrap Innovation has been appointed the UK Partner for Artec-Robo of Japan. Robots are amongst us. ( bbc iplayer CLICK) Their use in transport, health and entertainment is pervasive and
3D Printing Industry Awards
3D Printing Industry Awards winners announced
Technolgy Health
8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health
Read Article by Karen Reed in the Positive Health Wellness Magazine 

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