Look at the possibilities of a Digital Factory on your Desktop

The newly emergent Creative Digital world has energized entrepreneurship in many ways, home built 3D printers themselves have transformed into successful internationally recognised businesses in only a few years while the additional innovation that this world of makers and crowdfunders has invoked has opened up opportunities for new ways of thinking in technology products and the way, where, and how  they are manufactured. New businesses that take advantage of this Creative Digital Manufacturing concept are able to be as imaginative as they can and they are certainly doing so. We support this new order with our affordable and accessible products, technologies and services to enable you to join the revolution with a Factory of your choice on your Desktop. We are here to guide you through from Concept to Capability.  Explore the site and realise your dreams.


News and Views

Zmorph Design Compared to Apple
Hardware Battlefield wildcard ZMorph shows off its new multi-headed, iMac-like 3D printer    
Robotics on a Half Shell ! We were pleased to host Jack and Josh, Founders of EngiMake and Designers of the innovative Quadbot now available on Kickstarter, at our open
Metal printing on a desktop filament printer !
Our miFILcu filament is over three quarters metal yet still prints as easily as PLA. the resultant model has the weight, feel and look of a full metal model and
Shadow Robot at Innovate 2016