Learning with Robots

Artec Robotics have chosen MouseTrap Innovation Ltd (MI) to support their products in the creative learning environment in the UK.

Working with schools, technology experts  and leading educationalists MI have assembled the Digital Physical Creative programme that takes students through the entire creative process from initial explorative concepts all the way through to final capability outcome , hopefully even to a fully sustainable solution about which the student and teacher will both feel quite proud.

Our workflow approach starts with very familiar construction building blocks to understand mathematics, mechanisms and design techniques, – adding sensors, controls and actuators, to add the dynamic element of the real world – introducing coding for animation and purpose   – migrating prototype design into a 3D printable solution for show and personalisation  – analysis to encourage iteration and research.

We match the DPC activities to the requirements of the national curriculum, covering many subject areas, as well as embedding the growing aspects of STEM to provide a very practical way for students to feel involved in being creative in a very hands on way in their learning experience.

If you are motivated and inspired to take educational 3D printing to the next level ,

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