FabLab Essex 

Our next meeting is on Saturday 18th June 2017, Wat Tyler Centre , The Cordite Room ( Upstairs next to the Cafe)

FabLab Essex hold regular meetings at Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea Essex  – usually the 3rd Sunday in each month.

All are welcome. Come and discover your creative side. This is an opportunity for non-members to learn what we can do.

Introductions to 3D printing – Laser cutting – Arduino Raspberry Pi, micro bit and much, much more.


Click here  Next Meeting for a detailed description of what we will be doing.

FabLab Essex is a local branch of an International Community initiative that aims to empower people all over the World to be Creative using the opportunities that the Digital Technology era has given us.

All FabLabs commit to the FabLab Charter which has been developed over theshowroom-300x201 years to ensure that the FabLab will always support the needs of the community while actively encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in a Creative Digital Environment.

The fundamental concept was laid down over ten years ago by Professor Neil Gerstenfeld of MIT Boston and MIT continue to provide the overall leadership for the project while allowing the individual FabLabs to develop their own specific ways of interacting with their local community.

FabLab Essex workshops are held in Basildon, Rayleigh, Pitsea  ( for members only)  but also meets regularly as a pop-up FabLab on third Sundays at the Cordite Room, Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea and at other locations throughout Essex.

Register for Meetup membership on FabLab Essex Meetup site to learn more about the various locations where we meet and the specific agendas for the week.






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