Branded Machines
Branded Machines

Branded Machines

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Product Description

We can supply 3D printers and Additive Manufacturing machines from a  number of manufacturers coupled with tailored information packages and training programs.

Please contact us for further information or a favourable quote.

Brands we endorse and support.

Zmorph – A FabLab on your desk – for serious Creators and Inventors – more than a 3D printer

Dogoma – A range starting at a very low affordable entry of less than £200 in kit form

Sinterit – Professional Laser Sintering of Nylon – Accurate models in Hard and flexible material.

Mankati – A large volume printer, solidily built

Afinibot – A diy kit that has lots of potential for customisation

Wasp – The leading delta machine, available in a huge size

Mass Portal – Professional Delta with great performance



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