The Mousetrap Innovation Alliance Partnership

Mousetrap Innovation Alliance Partners are a selected team of associates, who share our views and aspirations for creativity and entrepreneurship in an increasingly complex, and incredibly exciting,  technical world.

Shot of a creative team in a meeting  Our partners are individuals who work with us to help communicate our knowledge of technology to the communities to which they belong. There are various ways to become a miAP, and many reasons to do so.  All our partners are well known to us and have worked with us in some way to contribute to this fascinating opportunity. If you would like to become one of our partners please contact us to discuss the possibilities, rewards and benefits which may include one or more of these opportunities :

  1. Mousetrap Product and Services Promotion, Referral Fees
  2. Mentoring of your Business
  3. Business Start-up support
  4. Funding
  5. Collaboration
  6. Co-working space
  7. Promotion of your products on our website

If you would like to be listed on our website as an Alliance Partner please contact me.



News and Views

MouseTrap Innovation has been appointed the UK Partner for Artec-Robo of Japan. Robots are amongst us. ( bbc iplayer CLICK) Their use in transport, health and entertainment is pervasive and
3D Printing Industry Awards
3D Printing Industry Awards winners announced
Technolgy Health
8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health
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