Early Stage Design Collaboration

Early Stage Design Collaboration

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Mousetrap Innovation Ltd is an R&D support company focussed on using our skills and experience gained over many years of incubating technology start-ups, to create environments where innovation can thrive and entrepreneurship and enterprise can flourish.

We have been at the forefront of the Maker movement since its inception and have contributed to the formation of several Makerspaces and Fablab concepts, as well as being a  significant partner in creating Innovation Hubs internationally, both internally within large corporations and also in the public domain.

MouseTrap Innovation is focused on the development of Creative Digital Desktop Manufacturing and supplies all the tools necessary to enter this fascinating world at a practical level.

We maintain strong working relationships and memberships with all the important contributors in the innovation support domain in the UK focussing on Manufacturing and Robotics, a key driver to the formation of such innovation workspaces.

We offer support to anyone wishing to emulate our success, and will share best practice and provide hands on support during the early formulation of your own Innovation Workspace, making the necessary introductions to the larger Institutes and established organisations that are appropriate to your particular needs.

In addition to offering off the shelf products from manufacturers from around the world we offer support to anyone wishing to customise these products for their own use and our case studies show how we have helped many sectors make the transition into the future of manufacturing.

Iain R Duncan

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