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Supporting you from Concept to Capability

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Your idea for a new product is probably driven by a need or a challenge that you have identified within your own organisation or specialisation.

But we all know that having the idea is not the whole story. Now you need to find a way to turn that idea into a reality.

We are here to help – at any stage in the process or even from start to finish. Our main aim is to make sure that soon you will know what you currently don’t know.

As Knowledge Architects we stay in touch with the latest trends and technologies that you need to stay way ahead of the competition, liaising with Universities and private research and development organisations when needed. We understand your needs and bring you up to date solutions.

As Product Designers we are able to step in at any stage in the design process, and we back that up with our own in-house design, simulation and prototyping facilities. We operate with a network of specialist collaborators and support services throughout Europe and the world, reaching out for the best solutions.

Our years of experience in working with individuals, small or large enterprises and in a variety of industries in research, development, design and manufacturing enables us to fill the gaps in your knowledge and guide you quickly to a successful conclusion.

So whether you need is, for example, for Detailed Product Design, Modelling, Certification Advice, Rapid Prototyping, Funding Routes, Innovation mentoring and training or even just a simple sanity check, we are here to help you reach your goals so that you can build that ‘Better Mousetrap’.

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